Sunday, May 30, 2010

The ruse is over! I actually made pie.

Yes! I finally did it.

My inspiration? The Ratty. What on God's green Earth is that, you ask? It's our affectionate name for our main dining hall here on campus. While having lunch there one day I saw that one of the oversized wicker fruit baskets was overflowing with lovely, plump red  d'Anjou pears.

So I was hit with a brilliant idea, like in one of those Windows 7 commercials: I must make a pie! Then without hesitation, I broke Ratty protocol and took quite a handful (and bagful...) of pears. But I had to, look at them!

Pear pie, c'était mon idée!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Prize! Simply Divine Brownies "Opposites Attract" (the ObamaBrownie)

I'm back! Apologies for going MIA. That school thing happened again. But I have good news: the semester is over (omg I'm a senior), and  I survived finals and the move back home!

So I won't waste any more time, even though now I have plenty to spare. (woot!)

Back to the goods...

Over a month ago, I wrote about a brownie contest held by Simply Divine Brownies...

It seems like it was just yesterday that I found out that they chose my brownie flavor suggestion (smoke salt caramel) to join their collection of delectable gourmet brownies. After a few short weeks, I received my prize for winning their contest- a full batch of these brownies!