The Kitchen

So where does all this baking therapy take place?  Here's the wrap.

Alpha Epsilon Pi's kitchen is located in Marcy House room 038 , which is on the 0th floor, or, as it is more commonly known, the basement.

The view from the window
(OK,  at least it's not completely underground)

The space is part lounge, with a TV and sofa (on which more traditional therapy might take place), and part kitchen. As you can guess, I'm more interested in the latter:

On my first visit to the kitchen, it seemed to be in good shape. Maybe not perfectly in order, but what's a little clutter?Opposite the stove and sink was this great counterspace/bar that only took a few minutes to clear off:

Then I took a closer look at the stove and was quickly reminded that a frat house is not the place to look for a nice, shiny food preparation area.

Having come prepared, however, I turned to my weapons.

After  several  minutes of  scrubbing and  going through a few Clorox disinfecting wipes, the kitchen was clean and lightly orange-scented. I celebrated my victory with some espresso.


Now that the kitchen is ready to be "borrowed", it's time to lose myself in the art de baking