Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hungarian Pogácsa

Pogácsa - pronounced  POH - gah - chuh.   Kind of as in, "You were the head of the biggest crime family in Providence until the  po-po gotcha!".  Capisce?

These savory biscuits (my sweet tooth does not control me ALL the time) are a staple of every Hungarian bakery and home kitchen. A perfect snack for any time of day or part of a hearty meal, they come in a few, simple varieties: butter, cheese and--my favorite--pork crackling. As you should know by now, I have many childhood memories filled with these little buttery, cheesy biscuits made by this old lady my grandparents knew, who I called Erzsi néni - -"Aunt" Lizzie--who isn't just some old lady, but a family friend who ran her own baking business. She lives in Florida now. :(   I'd call and ask her to ship up some pogácsa--the best I've ever had--but I wouldn't be able to ask in Hungarian any more.  But that's a story for another day.

Back to the one at hand. This day of spring break, sadly, I was feeling particularly lazy, so even though we had bacon, which would be close enough to cracklings, in the house, I decided to give my arteries a rest (whatever you say, Matt) and make cheese  pogácsa. Next time, bacon lovers, I'll give it a go. Promise.

So bring on the cheese! I decided to use some shredded white and yellow cheddar, extra sharp to complement the buttery dough.  The dough, which turned out excellent-- I always worry the first time I try a yeasted dough--was from a pork crackling (tepertős) pogácsa recipe on The Hungarian Girl, a blog that my dad actually found. He now hints ever-so-subtly by sending me links to her recipes saying I should give them a try. Once I'm home, of course.

When I was home for break this last time, I finally decided to give them a go. I actually had a recipe book--a gift from Dad-- I could have used, but, like I said, I was feeling lazy, so I didn't want to convert metric measurements or figure out what to substitute for "quark" (the cheese, not the elementary particle).

That said, I don't want these pics to be misleading.  I just thought the text would be fun, 'cause my pics have been getting kinda flat. So enjoy!


EJ said...

Hey hey, love your blog, I made these from the link you provided, I used bacon bits and fried them up with an onion. Later threw in tomato paste and tasty cheese and turmeric and they were very yum. Thank you! Emma

Matt from AEPie said...

Emma- that sounds amazing, thanks for sharing! Mad props for spicing these pogacsa way, way up. I have to try that soon.

Anonymous said...

I have my great-grandmother's pagaca recipe and it calls for a filling of either cabbage or potatoes.

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