Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"No Pudge" Brownie Sundae

Forgive me, followers, it's been too long since my last post.

To repent, I've got a whole lotta pretty pictures I took of these low-fat brownies I attempted a while back. Unfortunately, they weren't a complete success--texture was a bit off, but more experimentation is planned--so I won't be sharing the recipe just yet. Instead, let's eat with our eyes (that's diet-friendly, no?...) and look at this brownie sundae as it gets constructed...

I cut a brownie from the dense, dark 'block'. It had a great chocolate flavor, but it had pretty chewy, almost gummy, texture, which could use some work. They also kind of looked like moon rocks...


To lighten things up, I scooped out some Cool Whip Free...

To add some color and sweetness, I draped--yes, draped--some fresh berries around the brownie.

While they were brilliant on their own, the strawberries and raspberries were jazzed up with some sweetened white wine.

With the berries on top, the sundae needed just a little something else. Crunch.  Cue cocoa nibs--their bitter, intense chocolate flavor highlighting the sweet toppings nicely.

Although I would have liked the brownie's taste to live up to the sundae's looks, it was a good first try. Dressed up, the brownie looked decadent, and was even good for you (as far as sundae's go).

I'll take that. And  another of these sundaes, please.


Christal T. said...

dhaljkhjdkhsadshd AHHAHAA I just came across this blog as I was looking up fraternities with a friend of mine (he's interested in joining one and not sure which to rush for) and I think you are just adorable! The picture totally got me intrigued, but then I read your info ... then your "story" and your "kitchen" and I've come to the conclusion this is THE most adorable and proactive blog I've come across. I'm used to just fashion blogs and blabbing (which is what mine is for....), but yours is totally genuine and I'm excited to see what comes next! ^^

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