Friday, March 19, 2010

Roshni's Birthday Cake: A pair of Louboutins

 Sin dessert shop, Providence, RI
March is the month for birthdays. For her birthday on Tuesday, my friend Roshni, the classiest Brit I know, was surprised with Louboutin shoes-- but not ones to wear on her feet. These red-soled bad boys are made entirely of sugar and fondant. The shoebox, a vanilla butter cake, was covered in golden fondant and the sugar "tissue paper" was painted silver.

I'd always wanted to see a cake like this up close after seeing shows like Ace of Cakes and Food Network Challenge, so many thanks to Roshni's sister (who orchestrated the whole affair from overseas) and Sin, a dessert shop here in Providence, Rhode Island for making sure Rosh had an awesome birthday cake. And a big apology to Rosh and sister... I may have spoiled the surprise just a little bit.


Jennifer Luxmoore said...

Matt, Thanks for posting the cake picture. Just read your blog cover to cover, great job! Those peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies look really good, I think we'll give them a try sometime. If you ever need any advice, let us know. Until then keep baking!

Jennifer Luxmoore

Matt from AEPie said...

Jennifer- Thanks for your comment! This was such an impressive cake. I should get a better picture of it on here. I'll ask Roshni, I think she took about a hundred.

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