Monday, March 29, 2010

Tessa's Birthday Cake: Black & White

We're still in March, so you know what it's time for? A birthday, duh. Last week my friend Tessa was celebrating her 21st, so of course I wanted to make her a cake. I was a little apprehensive, though, because Tessa knows a thing or two about cakes. In high school she did an independent study on cake decorating (really) and she made some great looking cakes--she even had one covered with sunflowers. Once we get back from spring break I'll have her send over some pics.

Knowing that I would fail epically if I tried to replicate her cakes' esthetics... I wanted to make sure the cake would at least taste great (see my "form follows flavor" discussion). I went with the chocolate cake I made for Trent's birthday cake and found this great, excuse me, "The Best Vanilla Frosting" on Tastespotting. They made it sound so good when paired with chocolate cake that I had to go with it. I'm glad I did. The results were spot on.

As for the esthetics... I was at a loss, until I kinda just threw it together. Literally. Having trimmed off some of the cake to level the layers, I had an abundance of nearly black crumbs... so I started throwing painstakingly flinging them at the cake. It had a great look--cool texture, nice contrast...

and it was fun. It's a shame no one came into the kitchen while I was doing this. But perhaps the crumbs strewn all over the table may have put some people off.

So when it came time for the big show, the cake was ready to shine, and with 22 candles on top, it really did. Please notice our regard for fire safety. (And slight disregard for Brown's $100 fine for each candle found in a dorm)

Happy Birthday, Tessa!


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