Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cherry pie for the Fourth of July

the Fourth of July-

Independence, fireworks, cold beer, burgers, hot dogs,  PIE.

For our nation's 234th birthday, I decided to wax patriotic and bake something as American as apple pie. Cherry pie. I was a few blueberries short of a full red, white & blue dessert, but maybe I'll try that next time.

The week before the holiday, I passed a farmer's market and saw the bushels of fresh cherries... I knew what I had to do for my country.

So I did as the saying goes... give me cherry pie, or give me death. Right.  The only death I actually faced was that of the feeling in my fingers after having pitted all those cherries with a paper clip. Thanks for the tip, Martha, but if I ever make one of these again I'm investing in a cherry pitter.

 And, thank you, SmittenKitchen, for the pie crust recipe and the three full articles explaining technique.  She doesn't stop at Pie Crust 101-   102 and 103 walk us through mixing (I went with using the food processor), chilling, rolling, cutting, weaving, baking... et voilà -  buttery, flakey, perfection. 


My first lattice crust. Exciting work. Bob and weave.


The egg wash makes all the difference. Look at that shine.
(This weirdly looks like a face?) 

I put down a layer  of chopped almonds before adding the cherries. ( You can see a bit in this slice.) It added a nice crunch. Please ignore the creeping taste-testers.

America is delicious.

PSA: Summer has seriously hindered my baking and writing...  Let's just say it's been hard to stay out of the sun and in front of a hot oven. I'll try harder.


Jessica said...

This sounds delicious and looks even better!

Anonymous said...

You stopped?

Nairuz said...

it looks very delicious . I love these kind of pies. my mom used to bake them for me .yummy

Matt from AEPie said...

Thans! Hoping to start up again!

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