Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prepping for week 2 - just slush this time

As I get ready to attempt Sugar Plum's Chunky Monkey Biscotti tomorrow, I've been navigating streets filled with slush and ice. Winter is gross. I'm hoping the biscotti will make it all better for a day. Stay tuned for the post, hopefully late tomorrow or Friday...

Speaking of which, good news! Friday afternoon my dad will be coming to bring me home to the Dirty Jerz for the coming long weekend! (Brown decided that President's Day weekend was too early this year, so they moved back our February break.) And although I can't imagine why thoughts of New Jersey wouldn't be exciting enough to all of you, going home means returning to my home kitchen! (i.e. lots of baking will be going down this weekend)

I'm pumped.


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